Pictor Ioana Bompa
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Pictor Ioana Bompa

Editie 2018
13 pagini
Editura: GREEN BOOK - Green Culture Software SRL
ISBN: 22022018-ibs
”The painter appeared from nowhere. Like he had travelled from a parallel universe or from another time. It was the time of the artists and warriors, when legends walked among mortals undisguised. He laughed at me as if he had seen the beginning of all things and since then he wondered like a pilgrim. And then I saw the legends with my own eyes, but painted through his. „Nothing is by chance, remember, my friend!” and he handed me his notebook. „I am Ioan Bompa, I am a painter.” says he, as he set next to me. I opened it and there I saw all the mighty Gods, I saw the sin and the pleasure, I saw the redemption of a lost world, a mad world, blind but searching for the light. It was a small notebook, but when I have opened it I stepped into Dante's Inferno. My hands started to tremble as I was turning the pages. I looked at him and he was smiling like Merlin. „I am not the Devil, you know. The Devil doesn't have a sense of humor!” and he laughed heartily, as he, The Maestro, had known that nothing really matters but the act of creation itself.” Teodor Deac, writer

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