Create Your Success: 10 Steps to Achieving Any Goal : Practical Guide and Workbook
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Create Your Success: 10 Steps to Achieving Any Goal : Practical Guide and Workbook

Autor:     Ramona Onisor Iftime

Editie 2019
1 volume
66 pagini
Editura: ePublishers
ISBN: 978-606-716-873-0
This book was conceived after years and years of studying and experiencing and it combines elements of coaching, NLP, neuroscience and neuroplasticity with the Law of Attraction. Everything becomes a lot easier when you release resistance and get into the flow. It’s either ease, when we follow our inner joy, or disease, when we alienate from our own truth as enthusiasm goes hand in hand with authenticity. The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek word “entheos” which means the God within. This practical guide is intended to bring clarity and empowerment as well as to help you uncover any hidden blocks so that you can release and replace them. It is a wonderful guidance for anyone who works on achieving a certain goal as well as for coaches and leaders as it uncovers subtle details that are crucial in focusing the energy towards success. This material is very powerful as it works on a very profound level and addresses to the conscious mind, through logical explanations as well as well to the subconscious mind through metaphors, suggestive images and powerful questions and each person will perceive it based on their stage of evolution; that’s why you can go back to it after a while as you might discover new depths and insights. Success starts in the mind. Just open the book and find out how. Ramona Onisor Iftime is a Life & Business Coach, Professional Speaker and Trainer with an MSc in Communication and Public Relations. Being passionate about reaching deeply into the power of the mind, she completed numerous courses and certifications on Hypnotherapy, NLP, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Reiki, ThetaHealing and the Law of Attraction. Ramona is also the mother of three children: David, Eric, and Sara.

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