Bubu: A Fairytale Tomcat
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Bubu: A Fairytale Tomcat

Autor:     Wilma

Editie 2019
1 volume
50 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-425-5
Bubu is a tomcat whose color pictures will amaze every cat lover. Bubu is real. He was born on May 21st, 2011 in Bucharest, capital of Romania and ever since, he had many adventures; it was for this reason that he decided to accept all the stories–that he was actually the author–to be given to Wilma in order to become the first of the many books to come, for the joy of thousands of children and adults. He talks to Wilma on a daily basis as she is the one who loves him the most. These stories can be read as bedtime stories, from beginning to end, and as short stories, from asterisk to asterisk, as everything he does and says brings delight, serenity, and a good mood. Bubu’s every single episode is real. The places, friends, and neighbors, as presented in these three short stories, are real. They keep meeting and working as we speak to create a new short stories volume. Bubu wishes you enjoyable reading!

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