38 Romanian and Australian Perspectives Between Dusk and Dawn. Poetry and Prose Anthology
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38 Romanian and Australian Perspectives Between Dusk and Dawn. Poetry and Prose Anthology

Autor:     Mihaela Cristescu (editor) , Sue Crawford (co-editor)

Editie 2019
1 volume
176 pagini
Editura: eLiteratura
ISBN: 978-606-001-159-0
Mihaela Cristescu (antologator și redactor): "38 Romanian and Australian Perspectives Between Dusk and Dawn", cea de a treia antologie româno-⁠australiană de poezie și proză scurtă, reflectă în unghi ascuțit privirea cititorului cuprins de cuvânt într-⁠o lume a bucuriei personale, percepută prin vers și pentru vers, prin ritm și nuanțe contradictorii între cele două emisfere, o dată in plus, București – Ottawa – Sydney. Mulțumim autorilor publicați, editorilor, artiștilor plastici, jurnaliștilor, fotografilor, editurii, precum și tuturor colaboratorilor, prietenilor, cititorilor – tuturor celor care vor parcurge paginile volumului urmărind alternanța vibrațiilor lingvistice. Din Sydney pentru noi toți. 9 martie 2018" Sue Crawford (co-editor): "We have pounded the pavement and walked the wallaby track together and now we are searching between dusk and dawn. An elusive and illusory concept: something starting which is also finishing somewhere else. We have long calibrated the sun and moon, and the day and night, in relation to our spinning earth, but the ideas and visions in this collection evade a calculating lens, unsettle a convenient axis.  It is an honour to co-⁠edit the English works. In congratulating everyone involved I wish to echo a view expressed at the Sydney launch of On The Wallaby Track by Luke Carman who said that Mihaela Cristescu’s Romanian/Australian anthology project is the kind that could ‘very easily not have happened in the first place’ let alone continued in strength.  This strength has been demonstrated by the will and talent of all the writers and artists who have moved across national and language borders to act jointly and create a memorable new work."

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