I Have Decided. An Inspirational Motivational Self-Development Book
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I Have Decided. An Inspirational Motivational Self-Development Book

Autor:     Corina Todinca

Editie 2016
1 volume
152 pagini
Editura: ePublishers
ISBN: 978-606-716-465-7
This is a very good tool for each one of us to reshape our vision on ourselves and the world and to motivate ourselves for reaching our goals and fulfilling our lives. The author says: "Each of us has his or her private universe which exists in every single particle and cell of ourselves… further than that, our subconscious can trigger a disembodiment which goes be­yond physical appearance… this reality starts by setting off inwards…so that we can finally reach an utmost feeling and experience, which transcends the materiality of this world. I, for one, have started this journey towards my inner world… it was there that I met a being which I didn’t know had existed before… I have encountered MYSELF (my energetic field)… in another form and dimension… and I’m not saying anything I haven’t truly felt."

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