A Thousand Divided Impressions. A Novel
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A Thousand Divided Impressions. A Novel

Autor:     Suzănica Tănase

Editie 2019
1 volume
200 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-358-6
An excerpt from the book: "Our neighbors, our friends, our brothers, all were taken away, taken from warm beds and driven away to long trains, with monstrous wagons, without windows, with no water and no oxygen. The air darkened with so many cries in Iaşi, and so much blood going to heavens. It’s the beginning of the end for us all. I’m crying without tears, in silence. Everything got frozen inside me, and I’m afraid that when I trip, I’ll break up in thousands of pieces like an icicle that strikes the ground. But I’m writing to you, Hanna, I’m writing to you thinking the truth must be known, however tough and unfair it is. I’m writing to you because you still have a chance. Hanna, now read carefully what I’m writing further, for another letter won’t come to you from us anymore. We all leave tonight. You’ll find a ticket to Palestine in the envelope (that’s all we could buy). That means only you can get rid of this hell. I know you’ll think of your mother, your sisters, but it’s too late now, for God closed his eyes not only on Iaşi, but on the whole country. There is no longer time for us, for the universe has no time and space anymore. A ship leaves for Palestine almost every month; some settle there, others go further to America. Your ticket is for Struma, and hundreds of Jews will be in Constanţa Harbor in just a few months. Hide until then and wait for the unleashed storm to calm down. Romania joined the war.” The Struma ship was torpedoed and almost 800 Romanian Jews—men, women, children—died not far from Istanbul. Read this book... and weep to honor their memory. And to learn that we should fight for humanity in every way we can.

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