Tokyo Station. An Ambassador's Diary
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Tokyo Station. An Ambassador's Diary

Autor:     Radu Șerban

Editie 2020
1 volume
635 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-550-4
„Tokyo Station”, the captivating diary of Radu Șerban, ambassador to Japan between March 14, 2012 and August 14, 2016, is the starting point for a reflection on the notion of culture and civilization in terms of maximum otherness. In addition to highlighting his own diplomatic experience coupled with a prodigious culture, the author explores what Roland Barthes called the Empire of Signs, a “revolution in the ownership of symbolic systems,” a suite of codes in a world which sees good conduct as highly-praised individual performance. Without lacking an emotional aeration, cutting into relevant exoticism, Radu Şerban’s Japanese diary still represents the analysis of a lucid and polemical spirit confronted with the dream of a paradox. Japan appears here as a unique symbiosis between the tradition printed in the ritual of the most modest act of daily gesture and the hi-tech universe of one of the most advanced societies—bordering utopia. Inevitable and tempting, marked by the punctuation of a critical spirit, the comparison between East and West, between Japan and Romania offers the reader—be it by ricochet—a reflected identity profile, the coordinates of possible dialogues and a picturesque Balkan-Eastern narrative. /Angelo Mitchievici/

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